Evolution in robotic controlling and distributed architecture


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Fun and free Two player game
astounding! physics engine!

  • “ It’s fun with two players, like Angry Birds with real Gravity feeling. “
  • “ With two players you battle to the end. “
  • “ If this is showcase for new technology, imagine what the next version would be like!“
    • Touch controlGigaBrain Standalone
    • Touch interface controller with GPIO and PCA9685 controlling
    • Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • Easy to setup and secured
    • Works reliably with Java
    • Open BETA Soon...
    • Two player GameGigaBrain Blocks
    • Fun action two player game with 3d printable parts
    • Easy to setup with Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • Works reliably with Java
    • Open BETA

What is GigaBrain.io

The next stage in evolution of robotic controlling and distributed architecture. Install the controller application to a Raspberry PI and run it to send PWM control signals to multiple servos with gesture controls.

Controlling features

  • Touch gestures
  • Recording
  • Playback
  • Reverse single controls
  • Continuous movement mode
  • Intuitive interface
  • Night mode
  • Servo range controls
  • Speed control
  • Link multiple controls

GigaBrain FAQ

Some frequently asked questions

What parts are recommended ?

Recommended parts

Build easily with these reliable products

  • Raspberry PI Version 3+ Wifi
  • PCA9685 board
  • 9g Micro servos
  • Lithium Power battery 7V
  • UBEC 5Volt regulator
  • Soldering board
  • Switch button
  • Raspberry PI External power source

How to connect PCA9685 board to Raspberry Pi ?

Connect the PCA9685 board to RPI with these Adafruit instructions

How can I contribute to GigaBrain Source code ?

GigaBrain source code can be found in GitHub after joining the Beta

How to install GigaBrain ?

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Contact: gigabrain@tuta.io