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Fun and free Two player game
astounding! physics engine!

  • “ It’s fun with two players, like Angry Birds with real Gravity feeling. “
  • “ With two players you battle to the end. “
  • “ If this is showcase for new technology, imagine what the next version would be like!“
    • ALL for 17 USDTouch control - GigaBrain Standalone
    • Touch interface controller with GPIO and PCA9685 controlling
    • Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • Easy to setup and secured
    • Works reliably with Java
    • Pay once
    • ALL for 17 USDRoyal Treasure Island - Fun Two player Robot game
    • Fun action two player game with 3d printable parts
    • Easy to setup with Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • Works reliably with Java
    • Pay once
    • Robot SlingshotGigaBrain Blocks
    • Fun action two player game with 3d printable parts
    • Easy to setup with Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • Works reliably with Java
    • Download

What do I get with 17 USD?

Pay once and you get to Download ALL of the GigaBrain applications for that price including all updates!

The applications include GigaBrain robot controllers, Royal Treasure Island game, Slingshot two player game (FREE)

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What is GigaBrain.io

The next stage in evolution of robotic controlling and distributed architecture. Install the controller application to a Raspberry PI and run it to send PWM control signals to multiple analog servos with gesture controls.

Controlling features

  • Touch gestures
  • Recording
  • Playback
  • Reverse single controls
  • Continuous movement mode
  • Intuitive interface
  • Night mode
  • Servo range controls
  • Link multiple controls

GigaBrain FAQ

Some frequently asked questions

What parts are recommended ?

Recommended parts

Build easily with these reliable products

What devices are supported ?

The configuration is flexible for your Robot device. 3d Print or Order a robot and the according parts. The first recommendation is Vorpal Robotics that has very good tutorials for DIY building Vorpal Robot

How to connect PCA9685 board to Raspberry Pi ?

Connect the PCA9685 board to RPI with these Adafruit instructions

How can I contribute to GigaBrain Source code ?

Apply for a developer status, first join the premium access.

How to install GigaBrain ?


Is GigaBrain reliable ?

Absolutely yes, we offer you software that you can easily install for your device. The software is guaranteed not to log any of your personal data or send any data forward that is not at your knowledge.

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