Movement library help and documentation
Designing a robot

What is movement library?

  • It's like a music player, but for robots. Instead of music it plays movements for your robot. You can record or design your own movements with it.
  • When analysing a movement the Y axis shows the time in milliseconds from bottom 0 upwards. The X axis shows each servo controller's position from 1 to 5000 with a bar length. First there is the left side from 1 - 9 and then the right side from 1 - 9. Each movement sequence is shown in it's own row.
  • When adding new movement there's 9 slider controllers for left side and right side. Each slider represents the position of a servo or actuator in your device.
  • When slider is on left side (< 2500), servo is turned left and when slider is on right side (> 2500), servo is turned right. When slider is in middle (2500) servo is turned in middle.
  • When you start your gigabrain movement application in a Raspberry Pi, the device configuration maps the slider names to output pin numbers.
  • You can change the tagname to pin number configuration in the premium application.
  • When you start the movement beta controller the following sliders are in use with different configurations
  • 			pca9685:
    			  tag r1 = pin 0
    			  tag r2 = pin 1
    			  tag r3 = pin 1 (in free version mapped to same pin)
    			  tag r4 = pin 2
    			  tag r5 = pin 3
    			  tag r6 = pin 3 (in free version mapped to same pin)
    			  tag r7 = pin 4
    			  tag r8 = pin 5
    			  tag r9 = pin 5 (in free version mapped to same pin)
    			  tag l1 = pin 6
    			  tag l2 = pin 7
    			  tag l3 = pin 7 (in free version mapped to same pin)
    			  tag l4 = pin 8
    			  tag l5 = pin 9
    			  tag l6 = pin 9 (in free version mapped to same pin)
    			  tag l7 = pin 10
    			  tag l8 = pin 11
    			  tag l9 = pin 11 (in free version mapped to same pin)
    			  tag r1 = GPIO 4
    			  tag r2 = GPIO 17
    			  tag r7 = GPIO 18
    			  tag r8 = GPIO 27
    			  tag l1 = pin 21
    			  tag l2 = pin 22
    			  tag l7 = pin 23
    			  tag l8 = pin 24
    			  tag r1 = 1 actuator id
    			  tag r2 = 2 actuator id
    			  tag r3 = 3 actuator id
    			  tag r4 = 4 actuator id
    			  tag r5 = 5 actuator id
    			  tag r6 = 6 actuator id
    			  tag r7 = 7 actuator id
    			  tag r8 = 8 actuator id
    			  tag r9 = 9 actuator id
    			  tag l1 = 10 actuator id
    			  tag l2 = 11 actuator id
    			  tag l3 = 12 actuator id
    			  tag l4 = 13 actuator id
    			  tag l5 = 14 actuator id
    			  tag l6 = 15 actuator id
    			  tag l7 = 16 actuator id
    			  tag l8 = 17 actuator id
    			  tag l9 = 18 actuator id

How to use the movement application in Raspberry Pi?

How does movement library work?

  • Use the Raspberry Pi movement application to record and playback a movement
  • Use the movement library dashboard to design or modify a movement
  • Move the sliders to create a chain of sequences. Below is the illustrations for the positions from 1 to 5000
Slider 1 Servo left
Slider 2500 Servo middle
Slider 5000 Servo right
  • Slide the timer to adjust the length of the movement sequence. The next movement sequence will start after this waiting time in milliseconds.
  • It's good to keep the timer in one value for the whole movement.
  • Timer 100 ms = Fast movement (sequence is played every 1/10 of a second)
  • Timer 500 ms = Medium fast movement (sequence is played every half a second)
  • Timer 1000 ms = Slow movement (sequence is played every second)
  • When you have adjusted the slider values for each controller click on Add sequence button to add the current movement. The timer is adjusted automatically by the value that you have set in the timer slider.
Add sequence
  • The sequence is added to the list below.
  • Sequence = The tag coded message of the sequence. You cannot edit this field, it is there only to verify the message.
  • Time from start in milliseconds = The sequence's time from start.
  • Edit sequence = Click to edit this sequence. After you click edit, the controller sliders are updated and you can modify the sequence. The original sequence is removed. Remember to click Add sequence button after you have edited the sequence. Notice that when editing the timer is also changed so that the next movement will be added after the edited movement. After editing if you want to add more sequences to the end of the movement, click Edit on the last sequence and click Add sequence and after that you can add a new sequences to the end of the movement. You can verify the sequences by looking at the Time from start in the sequence list.
  • Remove sequence = Click to remove this sequence.
Sequence list
  • Add details for your sequence
  • Name = Descriptive name for the movement
  • Movement length in ms = This is only read only field to verify the length in ms.
  • Tags = Tags link to a Thingiverse 3d print model where you have the configuration. Add your own tag and in the movement list click on tagname and add Thingiverse link for it. Tags are like lefthand, inmoov. By default all movements have Draft tag.
Sequence details
  • Click Add New Movement button to store the movement in the movement library. If there is messages when saving the movement, they will be presented above the button.
  • After you have clicked the button there is a message that the movement has been saved. Then click on the Dashboard link in the beginning of the page to go back to the movement list. There you can see and analyse your movement.
  • If you want to do changes to the original movement send an email to and request the change.
Sequence add

How to create a copy of a movement?

  • In movement library choose a movement sequence and click the button "Copy and Edit"
  • The sequences is loaded to the sequence list and from there you can edit, remove or add new sequences.
  • You cannot save the new sequence using the same name, so choose a new name for the new movement.

How to link movement to a thing?

  • First create a movement and add tagname for your movement
  • Go to the movement list and click on tagname
  • You can add a Thingiverse model link to the tagname then the model is shown in the movement list

How to edit a movement?

  • At the moment editing movement is disabled because all movement are open without user profiles. But you can create a copy from an existing movement and modify that.

I have a need for more controllers or different positioning. I have a suggestion to the controller.

  • Send a customized need or a suggestion to email.