Movement application help and documentation

Starting the movement application

  • Refer to the install information on starting the application
  • CONTROLLING_SHUTDOWNTIME The application is working only the time that is set in startup by parameter CONTROLLING_SHUTDOWNTIME default is 300000 = 5 minutes. When there is no movements in this time parameter the application is shut down. This parameter can be changed to a higher value in startup.
  • CONTROLLING_STOPTIME Each pin output is stopped sending PWM output signal after this time in milliseconds default 500 ms. By increasing this value you can make the movements to be in the position for a longer time. To save the battery power the signal is turned off from all output pins.
  • The application is secured with Spring Security library using the default login library from Spring.
  • Control zoom - is the main controller screens
  • Control range - is a controller with sliding range values to verify the movement of the servos
  • Stop controller - Stops the PWM output signals from all pins and clears the movement buffers
  • Shutdown controller - The application is shutdown and all resources are cleared. Also the piblaster pins are released.
  • The main screen has 6 controllers that each have 3 servos attached.
  • To scroll down to the configurations scroll from this point noted green in the picture if you use a mobile phone touch screen.
Controllers scroll
  • Center on/off - Is the controller moved back to the center position when released.
  • Reverse X/Y/Z on/off - Is the output value reversed. If the reverse is on, the value is decreased from 5000 to 1.
  • Offset X/Y/Z on/off - Is the offset value in the bottom affected on the controllers value. You can use a positive or negative offset value to change the middle position of the controller.
  • Link button - Click link buttons to the same color to attach them to the same link channel. By this way you can use the linked controllers to make reversed movements. Reverse the left side and link it with the right side as in the image. By moving one controller, both left and right sides are moving at the same time.
Control tags
  • Offset value - Value to increase or decrease from the controller values eg. -100 or 100
Offset value
  • Open the Playback menu by clicking on the tab bar.
  • Playback tag field - The tagname used in loading or saving movements. The default tag is #vorpal You have to use the # hashtag in from of each tag.
  • Load button - Loads the movements with the tagname. There can be multiple tagnames like #vorpal #walk
  • Continuous play of/off - When you play a movement, is the movement repeated and streamed to the device in each cycle.
  • Control menu button - Back to the menu
  • Open the Control menu by clicking on the tab bar and scroll down.
  • Recording name field - Add a recording name eg. Walk. When you save the movement to the cloud you can have only one unique name for a recording. Check from the movement library the the same name is not used before or you cannot save the recording to the cloud.
  • Record button - Click on button to start recording. Scroll back up to the controllers and move them to store a recording. Scroll back down and click the button again. The recording is stored in the Playback menu with the name that was written in the Recording name.
  • Write a good name to describe your movement. Make sure that the name is not used in the movement library before recording. There can be only one recording in the library with the same name.
Start recording
  • Open the Playback menu by clicking on the tab bar
  • Recordings list shows the new recording. mytest is the name
  • Playback button - Start or stop the playback
  • Analyse button - Open the movement library for Analysing the movement. This can be done only after the recording is saved in the movement library.
  • Sync button - Save the movement in the movement library using the tagnames that are written in the Tag field. If there is an error in saving, it is shown under the Recordings text. Make sure that you have filled the tags before clicking on the Sync button.
  • Control menu button - Go back to menu
Save recording
  • Write a tagname that is used in the movement library using a hashtag # sign eg. #hexapod. The movements are loaded from the movement library to the list below and can be used in playback from there.
Load recordings